Lawful Good is a show about lawyers and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. This is not a show about how to be a great lawyer or build a successful law firm. This is a human-interest show.

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Recent Episodes

S3 E12 | James Helm

Listen & Subscribe Description Our guest today is James Helm, founding attorney of Top Dog Law.James grew up as an only child with boundless energy. He always wanted to know what was next and he spent most of his time playing sports with the neighborhood...

S3 E11 | Randi McGinn

Listen and Subscribe Description Today's guest today is Randi McGinn, one of America’s leading trial attorneys.  Because of her dad’s position in the military, Randi moved around a lot as a kid. Although she was often jealous of her friends who had permanent...

S3 E10 | Alexander Shunnarah

Listen and Subscribe Description My guest today is Alexander Shunnarah, known as a master of marketing among many personal injury attorneys.  Alexander grew up in Alabama, where he spent his weekends at flea markets with his father.  Later, the two...

S3 E09 | Chris Seeger

Listen and Subscribe Description Chris Seeger is a leader in mass tort and class action. Chris grew up on Long Island, where he practiced carpentry for years after high school. Almost on a whim, he took a few courses at a local college. A few years later, he was...

S3 E08 | Je Yon Jung

Listen and Subscribe Description Our guest today is Je Yon Jung, senior counsel at May Lightfoot.  Je Yon has more than two decades of legal experience, including work in consumer protection, civil rights, discrimination, and financial services. What all of...

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