Lawful Good is a show about lawyers and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. This is not a show about how to be a great lawyer or build a successful law firm. This is a human-interest show.

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Recent Episodes

S3 E16 | Danielle Mason

Listen and Subscribe     Description In this episode, we'll be continuing our two-part conversation with Danielle Mason.  If you haven't heard part one, we recommend you go back and listen to catch up on her story.  In that interview, she told us about her...

S3 E15 | Danielle Mason

Listen and Subscribe               Description My guest today is Danielle Mason.  Danielle is best known for her successful mass tort litigation over talcum powder for which she has secured nearly $1 billion in verdicts against...

S3 Special | You Gotta Believe

Listen and Subscribe       Description In my recent interview with Regina Calcaterra she explained the drastic differences between children who are adopted from the foster care system and those who simply age out of the system.  Adopted children are 50%...

S3 E14 | Regina Calcaterra

Listen and Subscribe       Description   My guest today is Regina Calcaterra, co-founder of the Calcaterra Pollack law firm and author of the bestselling memoir Etched in Sand. Regina was one of five children, all of whom were emotionally and...

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