Lawful Good is a show about lawyers and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. This is not a show about how to be a great lawyer or build a successful law firm. This is a human-interest show.

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S1 E20 | John S. Berry Jr.

Listen and Subscribe Description John S. Berry Jr. is a combat veteran who was deployed overseas in Bosnia and Iraq. John comes from a long line of people who have fought for our country. Growing up in the mid-west, he exhibited a natural drive and inclination for...

S1 E19 | Krystal Brumfield

Listen and Subscribe Description Krystal Brumfield is the Associate Administrator in the Office of Government-Wide Policy. Krystal is used to having really long job titles and remembers every single one as well as what she learned in each position. Despite being the...

S1 E18 | Bunmi Emenanjo (Part 2)

Listen and Subscribe Description Bunmi Emenanjo is a first-generation Nigerian immigrant who went from waiting tables at Olive Garden to working as legal counsel with the Biden administration.  For nearly two decades Bunmi has moved between the legal and...

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