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My guest today is Darryl Isaacs, a personal injury attorney widely known as “The Hammer”.  Darryl grew up in the Louisville, KY neighborhood of Hikes Point.  His father worked six days a week as a pharmacist, and graduated law school in his 40s.  Seeing that hard work and dedication inspired Darryl, and he would one day follow in his father’s footsteps.
It wasn’t easy — Darryl was never the best student, in his own words. But he seemed to have an uncanny knack for making money.  Merging that talent with the work ethic he gleaned from his father, Darryl was immediately successful.
In 2015, everything he had built almost came to a sudden and tragic end when he was struck by a car, breaking his neck, scalping his head, and fracturing parts of his back.  Doctors believed he may never walk again.
In this episode, we discuss all of these stories, including why Darryl gives his personal cell number out to the public, and how that near-fatal accident resulted in the birth of Mastermind Marketing Groups that are sharing Darryl’s wealth of legal marketing knowledge all over the country.

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