About Lawful Good

Lawful Good is a show about lawyers and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. This is not a show about how to be a great lawyer or build a successful law firm. This is a human-interest show.

We believe the high-quality interviewing on this podcast is something special and beautiful. Our guests feel it and say so! We expect the show to be popular in the industry. Luke has spoken on Facebook advertising for years at lawyers conferences. Now, he and the team look forward to attending the events and hearing people tell us how a certain episode was exactly what they needed to hear at that stage in their career. The raw content of our show gives each of the episodes a powerful capacity to affect the lives of many in the legal profession.

Luke W Russell

Our founder and host of Lawful Good is serious about fostering human connection in all his team’s endeavors. This spells diligence in our research and copywriting process so our ads genuinely connect with prospective leads. The Lawful Good podcast connects lawyers to lawyers by means of personal sagas that let each other know they’re not alone in the good fight of justice and fair compensation for all.

Kirsten Stock

With a background in writing and public relations, Kirsten is Russell Media’s Director of Operations. She facilitates logistical details for our agency. Kirsten produces our podcast, combining interviewing skills and a savvy prowess to ensure that we bring the best out of our interviewees.

Max T. Russell

Max T. has interviewed people of all backgrounds for more than 40 years, from superlawyers to the Gettysburg jalapeño-eating champion, the Wacky Wheeler of Madison, and the Bigfoot- tracking chief investigator of the Pacific Northwest. Max T. formulated the “Four Factors of Interest,” most recently published on trainingmag.com. He and his identical twin by the same name built a Spanish program for elementary schools everywhere, newly moved to the YouTube channel called Max and Max Spanish, consisting of more than 500 ten-minute lessons including interviews of unusual and delightful people such as the ones named above. Max T. uses his extensive cultural and linguistic experience to assist in building evidence for legal cases involving immigrants and international dimensions. When it comes to Lawful Good, he plays an integral role in our question development process.