Lawful Good is a show about lawyers and the trials they face inside and outside the courtroom. This is not a show about how to be a great lawyer or build a successful law firm. This is a human-interest show.

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Recent Episodes

S3 E07 | Cordell Carter

Listen and Subscribe Description Our guest today is Cordell Carter II, a self-proclaimed “dreamer” and vivacious entrepreneur. Growing up, Cordell couldn’t wait to leave his hometown in Virginia. It wasn’t because he didn’t love where he grew up; he simply had an...

S3 E06 | Paul Bland

Listen and Subscribe Description Our guest today is Paul Bland, the executive director of Public Justice. Unlike many of his peers, Paul didn’t go to law school to practice as an attorney. Instead, he wanted to run for Congress one day. In the 80s, after getting...

S3 E05 | Mike Morse

Listen and Subscribe Description Today's guest is Michael Morse, founder of one of the nation's leading personal injury law firms.  Michael grew up in a Detroit suburb, where his offices still reside today. Though his early life was disrupted by the divorce...

S3 E04 | Prya Murad

Listen and Subscribe Description Prya Murad is a Miami-based attorney who is passionate about criminal and juvenile defense.  Prya immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan when she was just three years old. Growing up in Hazard, Kentucky, Prya recalls her desire...

S3 E03 | Brian Cuban

Listen and Subscribe Description Brian Cuban is an attorney, best-selling author, and speaker. His story is one of triumph and recovery. Brian began battling body dysmorphia at a young age, a mental health disorder where an individual can’t stop thinking about their...

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