Powerful Partners

Interesting and caring folks that we know and trust whose journeys brought them to collaboration with the legal community.

The goal of this section and these conversations is to help listeners like you understand if what these companies have to offer is something that would benefit you or someone you know.

Each of these companies come with two episodes. The first is their life story through the format of our traditional Lawful Good interviews. The second is a “Business Spotlight”.

As you can probably imagine, Lawful Good requires an enormous amount of resources. One way we’re making this show possible is by featuring people we know, like, and trust, many of whom we have a referral relationship with.

In other words, if after listening to this you think, “I’d love to hire one of these companies,” let them know you heard their Lawful Good interview and many of these partners will financially support our show for each listener that hires them.

This way, no one has to spend anything extra to support Lawful Good and we’re able to do what we do best, telling and sharing people’s stories, and helping other people connect to powerful partners.