Powerful Partner: Kori Linn Coaching

Listen to Kori’s Story

Growing up, Kori loved getting lost in books. They were her safe haven, and she’d spend hours reading entire sections of the library. It’s no surprise that she went on to get her undergrad in English and French followed by a masters in Creative Writing.

Kori spent her early adult years as a barista and cocktail waitress as she explored where she would ultimately want to go professionally. During this time, she noticed that many people were unhappy in their 9-5 positions. Intrigued and curious, she decided to conduct her own study by joining corporate America. It was there, in her traditional 9-5 job, that her passion for career coaching pushed her to quit her job and start her own coaching business.

Join us for Kori’s episode as she talks about why she loves Saturdays, the challenges of transitioning from home schooling to public school, and how coaching has played a powerful role in her own life.

Business Spotlight: Kori Linn Coaching

This conversation highlights Kori’s one-on-one coaching and what it’s all about. The goal of this conversation between Kori and Luke is to help listeners like you understand if what Kori has to offer is something that would benefit you or someone you know.

Listen in to Luke and Kori’s conversation as they discuss who career coaching is best suited to help, who it might not be good for, and why a law firm may or may not want to hire her.

About Kori Linn Coaching

Kori teaches overachieving women how to do their best work without burning out so they can take control of their careers, create meaning in their work, and finally experience some of that work-life balance they’ve been craving for years. 

Before becoming a coach, Kori spent several years at a Fortune 500 company, designing and executing communications programs that touched 25,000+ employees. While she had a lot of fun, nothing compares to helping her clients rewire their brains and get more of what they want at work (and in life).

What We Like About Kori Linn

There are good coaches, and then there are coaches that will help you move the needle to make dramatic change. Our entire team has worked with Kori for months and here’s the thing: we’ve never had a better coaching investment.

Kori is extremely precise in her coaching style as well as how she runs her business. She’s strict with her confidentiality and she is willing to go in any direction with clients to help them achieve results.

While “mindset” can sometimes seem like a squishy topic and something that’s not going to produce tangible results in your business, Kori brings it all home to a practical reality. With Kori, it’s not just about changing your mindset…it is truly about transforming your life. Yes, we know…that’s really dramatic. And, we stand by that statement.


Learn More or Contact Kori

If you’re thinking “Yeah, I’d like to speak with Kori” or want to check out more information on the work she does, go to korilinn.com.

You can also check out her podcast, Love Your Job Before You Leave It