Powerful Partner: BluShark Digital

Listen to Nalini’s Story

Nalini Prasad is Chief Strategy Officer at BluShark Digital. 
As a young girl, Nalini wanted to be a prosecutor and while she did get into law school, she decided to take a year off before attending. During this time, she would discover a love of marketing.

Attorney Seth Price of Price Benowitz invited Nalini to join him in building a digital marketing agency. She said yes and shortly after found out she was pregnant. 

Go on a journey with Nalini and Luke as they explore the push and pull of work-life balance, why shoes really shouldn’t be required, and what it means to give back in the form of helping immigrant small business owners.

Business Spotlight: BluShark Digital

This conversation highlights BluShark and what they’re all about. The goal of this conversation between Luke and Nalini is to help listeners like you understand if what Nalini’s company has to offer is something that would benefit you or someone you know.

Listen in to Luke and Nalini’s conversation as they discuss who Blushark is best suited to help, who they really aren’t good for, and why a law firm may or may not want to hire them.

About BluShark Digital

BluShark Digital is a digital marketing agency focused on lawyers.

The company was once the in-house marketing team of a law firm that scaled from 2 to 40 lawyers in under a decade largely due to digital marketing techniques. BluShark Digital has since established itself as a best in class digital agency helping small businesses stand out online through cutting edge digital marketing strategies across the four fundamentals of high-quality technical optimization, sophisticated content curation, authoritative link-building, and local optimization. They bring more than just leads – they bring results.

BluShark helps law firms across the nation rank on the search results page by utilizing their proven strategies and four main SEO elements: local, content, technical, and links. They also can help boost a site’s visibility through paid search campaigns known as Pay Per Click, or PPC.

BluShark prides itself on being an agency that puts its clients first. They are dedicated to developing innovative, practical, and successful Search Engine Optimization solutions for businesses, no matter their size or practice.

What We Like About BluShark

Over the years, lawyers have repeatedly remarked about the frustration of working with marketing vendors who don’t show up to the client. With BluShark, you’re working with an agency owned and run by a lawyer who also has a law firm to his name: Seth Price of Price Benowitz.

There’s no way Seth’s team can hide behind a curtain and not show up for clients. In the world of SEO, you need someone you can count on to be there for you through the ups and downs. And BluShark fulfills this role.

We’ve seen how BluShark shows up for their clients to build upon success as well as for those who aren’t getting ranked as well as hoped for in a market. And it’s in that latter situation where the true colors of your SEO vendor show. BluShark is here to stay and they are engaged with their clients and the legal community.


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If you’re thinking “Yeah, I’d like to speak with this team” or want to check out more information on the work that they do, go to blusharkdigital.com.