Powerful Partner: Cathedral Capital

Listen to Brooke’s Story

Brooke Lively is President and Founder of Cathedral Capital. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, soaking in the American dream of building something from scratch. Bored during her public education, she spent her last few years at boarding school.


Brooke started honing her skills as she ran departments at Nordstrom, worked for Ethel Kennedy, and helped her father scale his law firm.


In this episode, Brooke and Luke talk about what it’s like to be steeped in debt, waiting for a new credit card to do a cash advance to make payroll, being good with numbers despite not excelling in math classes, and why every good party involves champagne.

Business Spotlight: Cathedral Capital

This conversation highlights Cath Cap and what they’re all about. The goal of this conversation between Luke and Brooke is to help listeners like you understand if what Brooke’s company has to offer is something that would benefit you or someone you know.

Listen in to Luke and Brooke’s conversation as they discuss who Cath Cap is best suited to help, who they really aren’t good for, and why a law firm may or may not want to hire them.

About Cath Cap Partners

Cathedral Capital makes law firms into profitable machines. With a full suite of of services from bookkeeping to CFOs, Cath Cap digs down deep to identify and solve problems. 

Cath Cap understands that lawyers probably went to law school because they were promised no numbers. But now that they own their own firms, they’re discovering how important those numbers are to being profitable and confident. 

Cath Cap takes a deep dive into each client’s books, handling the nitty-gritty so that lawyers can focus on what they do best. 

What We Like About Cath Cap

While there are a few entrepreneurs and business owners who love working with their business’ finances, many of us find it a big frustration. CathCap doesn’t just help with numbers; their team knows how to help you harness the numbers for your own goals.

And because of their niche focus in the law, they get what lawyers need. Sure, there are other companies that offer services similar to CathCap, but they don’t specialize in the legal space.

When you’re working with CathCap, you’re getting the power of an advanced team without having to go hire multiple financial experts with various specialties. Their expertise helps you grow your business and, in particular, your profits.


Learn More or Contact Cath Cap

If you’re thinking “Yeah, I’d like to speak with this team” or want to check out more information on the work that they do, go to www.cathcap.com

You can also purchase the Panic to Profit Series on Amazon.