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Listen to Alex and Yvette’s Stories

Alex and Yvette went into banking in their early years where they began laying the groundwork for how they would manage and build their business today.
A few months after having their first baby in 2007, Yvette was let go of her job. She and Alex welcomed their second child in December of that year, and Alex took this time to be with the boys. Yvette started exploring how she could use her skills in ways outside of banking.

The result was We Do Web, founded in April 2008. Alex joined not long after in mid-2009.  


It’s become more common place for companies to talk about human connection. But some cynics, like me, wonder how real this is at times.

In this episode, Luke, Alex, and Yvette talk about how a passion and drive for human connection really is at the heart of everything they do, overcoming the discomforts of networking, and what it is like to tag-team entrepreneurship.

Business Spotlight: We Do Web

This conversation highlights We Do Web and what they’re all about. The goal of this conversation between Luke and Alex is to help listeners like you understand if what We Do Web has to offer is something that would benefit you or someone you know.

Listen in to Luke and Alex’s conversation as they discuss who We Do Web is best suited to help, who they really aren’t good for, and why a law firm may or may not want to hire them.

About We Do Web

Top-ranking content speaks not only the language of your audience, but the search bots too. We Do Web demonstrates authority and expertise through engaging content that both your audience and search bots will love!

Using their deep, years-of-experience, data-backed understanding of the legal industry and its target audiences, We Do Web forges the connection between you and your audience by creating the content they’re searching for online. 

The result is a content strategy that’s laser-focused and crushes your competition. 

What We Like About We Do Web

Great content has always been important when it comes to communication, and today it is just as important as ever. And with We Do Web, it’s not just about good writing. Their 7-person process results in top-notch products that are also crafted with SEO in mind.

Using their own proprietary software, We Do Web is able to create competitive content that is also tailored to the needs of the law firm.

This is also a team that has been around for well over a decade. With an SEO partner, you want someone who is here to stay and this is a team that has demonstrated their staying power and works with many of the biggest firms in the country.

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If you’re thinking “Yeah, I’d like to speak with this team” or want to check out more information on the work that they do, go to www.wedoweb.com.