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Brian Cuban is an attorney, best-selling author, and speaker. His story is one of triumph and recovery.

Brian began battling body dysmorphia at a young age, a mental health disorder where an individual can’t stop thinking about their perceived defects or flaws as it relates to their appearance. He struggled to feel comfortable in his own body, especially in a household where his mother often fat-shamed him.

At 18-years-old, Brian began binging and purging. This eating disorder followed him into college, where he began a pattern of drinking alone. Not long after starting his freshman year, Brian developed anorexia.

Brian decided to attend law school because he believed that it would allow him to continue a lifestyle he depended on. For another three years, he could continue to engage in behaviors that had become survival to him.

After college, Brian moved to Dallas where he was introduced to cocaine. In his own words, Brian found the magic trick to instantly transform himself. Throughout the years, Brian received help and support from his brothers, and he started his journey of sobriety April 8, 2007 after 20 years of addiction.

In today’s episode, Luke and Brian talk about the impact of an emotionally abusive mother, how he felt like the best version of himself when he tried cocaine, and the defining moment when he decided to fully commit to sobriety.

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