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My guest today is Regina Calcaterra, co-founder of the Calcaterra Pollack law firm and author of the bestselling memoir Etched in Sand.

Regina was one of five children, all of whom were emotionally and physically abused by their mother.  With their basic physical needs unmet, she and her siblings became each other’s support system until they were taken into foster care and separated.

Regina had already overcome the odds when she graduated college, but she also went on to graduate law school at night while holding down a full time job.

Over the years, Regina’s service to others has moved fluidly between the public and private spheres.  She lobbied for disabled veterans to help craft the Americans with Disabilities Act and eventually served as chief deputy for the same county where she grew up abused and starving.

In this episode, we discuss her traumatic childhood, why diversity is so important to her law firm, and why it was so meaningful when she was asked to be a “forever mom”.

A note to listeners: Regina and I make reference to physical and sexual abuse in this episode. While we won’t discuss graphic details, listener discretion is advised.

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