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My guest today is Danielle Mason.  Danielle is best known for her successful mass tort litigation over talcum powder for which she has secured nearly $1 billion in verdicts against Johnson & Johnson. She’s also known for her work in the current hair relaxer litigation as the founding and managing Partner, Bullock Ward Mason LLC. But her life has been so much more than that.
Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Danielle and her family attended Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, presided over by Martin Luther King, Jr.  Her grandmother was deeply involved in the civil rights issues of the 1960s, and Danielle says that she assumed those struggles were over.  But when she saw Rodney King beaten on live television and the subsequent acquittal of the officers responsible, she realized that there was still work to be done.
In this two-part interview, we’ll talk about her early pregnancy that was supposed to be impossible, the tradeoffs of balancing motherhood with an exceptional career, and why she’s so darn good at picking juries.

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