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My guest today is Mary Lehman, appellate attorney with a diverse range of experiences and skills..

Mary is, by definition, driven. Whatever she sets her mind to, she accomplishes from amateur boxing, to helping refugees in Greece, to being a ski patrol. Although, she never did become a pirate, even though, as a young girl, that’s what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Mary attended St. John’s college in Santa Fe where she was trained in classical humanism. Her desire to be a good writer jumpstarted her interest in becoming an appellate attorney. However, Mary didn’t go straight to law school after getting her undergrad. Instead, she spent time working with the Sante Fe Hotshots, an elite firefighting team in New Mexico.

In today’s episode, Mary talks about building Spanish colonial furniture, how Einstein’s theory of relativity helped her trust her own judgment, and how boxing is a beautiful, violent dance.

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