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My guests today are Carissa Phelps and Kim Adams.  Working with the support of Levin, Papantonio and Rafferty, Carissa and Kim are leaders in the fight against human trafficking in the realms of both policy and litigation.

A survivor of trafficking herself, Carissa Phelps went from being a so-called runaway teen to earning a Masters of Business Administration from UCLA Anderson and a JD from UCLA School of Law.  Since then she has become a sought after speaker on human trafficking, and has been force in the development of new policies around the issue.  She has devoted significant time to bringing knowledge and awareness to local communities and non-profits, and her memoir, Runaway Girl, is often used as an educational tool.
Kim Adams has been working hand in hand with Carissa on human trafficking litigation for several years.  Her passion and focus is on demanding legal accountability for those who have profited from the abuse and exploitation of children.  To that end, she has filed lawsuits against hotel chains, technology companies, and others that she believes are culpable for looking the other way.
In today’s lengthy conversation, Carissa and Kim talk about how they came to work on issues of human trafficking, common misconceptions that can prevent us from fully addressing the problem, and their lawsuits that are currently making their way through the courts.

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